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Whom we help

Right now we work with street children, kids in children homes and poor families in Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines. During the summer we have a program for the children living in orphanages in Tajikistan. Every Sunday we work at a hospital in Ukraine with children who have cancer.
Many children live together with their family under poor conditions where it is difficult to feed their families throughout the month. This can make the children different compared to their fellow kids, we for this reason arrange sports activities for them. Some of the activities include climbing and karate which is in return healthy for their bodies and trains them in discipline. Simultaneously, this provides so much joy that the children would rather be with us than be in the streets. In many places we get to
rent a premise for free. Many of the instructors are satisfied with a modest pay. Each month we have many volunteers who work with diligence for that, thanks to them
we are now able to make a difference.
The older kids want the same things as the younger ones. They wish the most for a home and a family. The reality is that when kids are over two years it immensely decreases the chances of adoption to almost impossible. These youths have moved from the children homes to government housing. Here they are prepared to fend themselves from the ages of 18.


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