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Social help

We collect clothes and toys to help children and people in need.

Street kids

Active Child Aid was born on the streets of Moscow.

Program in schools

Children are never too young to learn the value and joy of helping others. As we know, children learn by watching their parents. Take talking, for instance. We talk to our children from the time they’re babies and, after a while, they start talking back. We know that if they see us reading, chances are they will learn to love reading too. We can also model compassion and generosity to  raise caring kids.

Cooking courses

Every child deserves a chance at a healthy start. Our cooking program exposes children to healthier ways of living through activity, nutrition lessons and balanced food choices so they can be healthy and active in both learning and life. Eating well and being physically active at an early age helps children focus, improve attendance, boost academic performance and grow up to be healthy adults.

Programs in the orphanages

Active Child Aid support different orphanages and organize sports activity, different courses and tours to help children. Every child deserves a nomal life.