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How you can help

If you would like to be a volunteer, to work directly with these children, or to help sponsor this work, or if you feel you have something to offer like teaching a particular subject, taking the children out on camping trips, or maybe helping to establish an aid program - if you would like to offer your skills or talents and your time, or have any ideas how you can help in some other way - please contact us at charity@activechildaid.org

Make a secure online donation:

The easiest way you can help the children, is through a donation to Active Child Aid. We wish to invite you to make a online donation through our secure web site or through our bank accounts.


“We can raise awareness of the problem of child poverty and homelessness. We can influence public opinion by delivering messages to politicians and authorities who have the resources and the opportunities to improve the situation. We can attract the attention of the media, which has tremendous power to influence public opinion and spark change for the better. Through minor efforts, we can be major advocates for change”.

Hanna Polak – founder of Active Child Aid (The State of The World’s – UNICEF 2010)