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About us

The history of Active Child Aid non-profit organization started in 1997, with five volunteers from Poland in Moscow, Russia. Unable to sit back and simply turn a blind eye to the suffering of literally thousands of lost, homeless children, we decided to make an attempt to bring about a real and positive change to the terrible situation that these destitute children are in.

We looked closer into the world of these children and saw that they also have many unused, creative abilities. They showed common sense and intelligence, hidden talents and a wonderful sense of humour - all of which would never be realised unless someone made a serious effort to help them.

Right now we work with street children, kids in children homes and poor families in Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines.

“The fight for the rights of children, for their protection and well-being, is of the utmost necessity. Whenever this fight is lost - as it is when a homeless child dies on the street - we must question how much is being done, by nations, communities and individuals, to protect children from the saddest fate of all”.

Hanna Polak - founder of Active Child Aid (The State of The World’s - UNICEF 2010)